Spice Up Your Breakfast

Drop the bland cereal and enjoy a Mexican breakfast in Tyler, TX

The beginning of your morning sets the tone for your whole day. So why would you start your day with an underwhelming breakfast?

Spice up your first meal of the day. You'll be off to a great start when you have a hearty Mexican breakfast at Manny's Mucho Taco & Bakery in Tyler, TX. We offer flavorful, filling dishes to fuel you through an excellent day. To ask about any of our menu items, call 903-630-9330 today.

Like other breakfast restaurants, we make classics like sweet, fluffy pancakes. We also make breakfast tacos in fresh corn and flour shells, as well as breakfast burritos. We infuse our food with delicious Mexican flavor, so you can spice up your morning.

Looking for something a little more filling? A breakfast plate is for you. Our breakfast plates include a variety of options, as well as filling beans and well-seasoned potatoes.

If you find yourself wishing breakfast restaurants were still open later in the day, come back to our restaurant in Tyler, TX. We sell our Mexican breakfast items all day long.