Enjoy Warm Soup or a Crisp Salad

Visit Manny's Mucho Taco & Bakery in Tyler, TX for soup and salad

Would you like a fresh salad or a comforting bowl of soup? Manny's Mucho Taco & Bakery has an excellent soup and salad menu in Tyler, TX. Come to our restaurant to enjoy a great meal. We infuse each item in our soup and salad menu with our signature Mexican style.

We offer several delicious, filling soups. We sell chicken soup, beef stew, beef tripe soup and corn stew.

Our salads include:

  • House salad: This is a classic house salad with tasty, fresh ingredients.
  • Taco salad: This salad has an extra kick of flavor and crispy taco bites.


You can use the last option to make a taco salad with only your favorite ingredients or create something totally new. Visit Manny's Mucho Taco & Bakery to try it today.